Who knew about shoes?!


I love shoes; I don’t discriminate either, I love all kinds of shoes from boots, sandals, trainers and everything else. Why limit yourself to like one style if you have enough space to love them all? As a tribute to everything footwear here are 7 interesting facts about shoes! 

Warning: You might be tempted to do a little shopping afterwards, and if you are check out our selection of shoes!

1.You might be surprised to find out that men were, in fact, the first to wear heels! In the 10th century, some men rode horses and they needed their boots to have heels so that they could fit in, and stay, in the stirrups! It was well known then that horses meant wealth and in turn heels meant high social status. So, get your heels out girls, the lads are coming for them!

2. Did you know that your favourite pair of sneaks (or trainers!) originally got their name in the late 1800’s because the rubber on the sole of them made no noise? Perfect for sneaking around! 

3. This is a one for the arts and crafts lovers out there! The red sole on the infamous Louboutins was originally inspired by a painting called ‘Flowers’ by Andy Warhol in 1993. As the prototype, a pink stacked heel with a cartoonish cloth blossom, had arrived from Italy they noticed it definitely wasn’t bold enough and the painting was still stronger in contract. 

As he looked around there was an assistant painting her nails in a bright red colour. Christian Louboutin took the nail polish off the girl and layered it all over the sole of the prototype! It’s funny how a business which is worth millions got its fame and fortune from something so small, but you have to admit those gorgeous red soles give you shoe envy!

4. As if this gorgeous movie star brought rise to the loafer, a classical, comfy summer shoe! She was in the 1957 film ‘Funny Face’ and posed as an ‘anti-fashion’ bookstore clerk, do you know who she is yet? I’ll help you out a bit, she went to ballet school in London and then went on to become a  famous model and actor. 

Of course you know now, it’s Audrey Hepburn! The mens black, leather, Ferragamo loafers she wore in ‘Funny Face’ were loved by thousands of people (although it was meant to be anti-fashion!) and quickly became a hit with all of the stylish ladies and gents of the 20th century!

5. Following on from Hepburns Ferragamo loafers, Salvatore Ferragamo invented the wedge shoe (as well as being credited for the stiletto heel but we’re not here to talk about that today!). 

All of you boys and girls rocking the cork wedges this summer need to thank Ferragamo for the style. He came up with the Sardinian cork wedge idea, in the late 1930’s, out of necessity as there was a great economic struggle and steel (his traditional choice of material) could no longer be purchased!

6. Havaianas! We’ve all heard of them! The stylish little beach number that most of us will be wearing this holiday season. Now, you probably won’t have noticed, but you’ll definitely go and check after reading this! 

The tops of the soles are protruding to look like rice, RICE! I know what you’re thinking ‘why on Earth would they look like rice, that’s stupid!’. Havaiana’s were actually inspired by the traditional Japanese ‘ZORI’ sandal which are made from fabric straps and rice straw soles! 

7. Lastly we have another high end shoe for you! When you think of high end shoes, strutting down the catwalk for vogue, who do you think of? I think of Jimmy Choo. Choo was the first designer of our day to have created a pair of shoes at the age of 11. Could you have made a pair of shoes at that age? It did help that he was the son of a cobbler… even though as a smaller child he was only allowed to watch! 

Choo opened his first shop in Hackney in 1986 and by 1988 he had already been featured in Vogue multiple times even though he was only putting out 20 pairs of shoes a week! Give credit to the lad though, they were hand made! 

So, there you have it folks. Our most interesting shoe facts this week! 

See you soon!