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10 Places a Hotspur Gent Must Visit This Christmas!


Take a look at our top 10 places that you just have to visit at Christmas time!

1. Denmark, Copenhagenchristmas-tivoli-gardens-copenhagen-22

Christmas in Copenhagen embodies the concept of fun where locals and visitors enjoy themselves and eat some delicious treats surrounded by loved ones in intimate, cozy settings. If you love Christmas markets and exploring then Tivoli Gardens, the Christmas markets, and the many quality restaurants serving up traditional, Danish Christmas delicacies are right here waiting for you!


0_LApland-22. Lapland, Finland

If you’ve never been to Lapland before then you need to get this one on your bucket list, whether you’re a family wanting to meet Santa for the very first time or a couple looking for something to make fairytale Christmas memories then the reindeer rides and metres of snow are definitely for you, it will give you magical Christmas memories to last a lifetime! 


dublin-at-Christmas 3. Dublin, Ireland

With its family-oriented culture and the legendary friendliness of its people, Ireland for the holidays is one of the most rewarding decisions you could ever make. The Irish love big and boisterous reunions and they love festivities on any scale, but they also love quiet evenings in with a few hand-picked friends in front of a crackling fire, so if this sounds like your cup of tea then we’d say go for it!


4. Nuremberg, German Nuremberg-Christmas-Market-Opening-8OF7YuP7_LKx

Experience Nuremberg with its world famous ‘Christkindlesmarkt’ and dive into the one of a kind atmosphere of the festively decorated Old Town in Germany. You’ll experience Nuremberg’s most traditional products and culinary delights as well as regional crafts and Franconian specialties. Why not indulge in another culture while celebrating Christmas, make your own traditions right here in Nuremberg!


drone_pic_450x2805. Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh’s Christmas is a spectacular, six-week season of festive entertainment in the heart of the city. The festival is a fantastic Christmas celebration, and great fun for the whole family! With more shops than you could imagine as well as a huge Christmas markets filled with food stalls and Christmas gifts! It’s also a short walk from the train station to don’t panic about getting there! It’s amazing!


6. Montreal, Canada montreal-at-christmas

When it comes to spending Christmas in one of Canada’s major cities, Montreal is about as close as you’ll get to guaranteeing yourself a white Christmas so if it’s snow you’re looking for then take a look at Montreal! The thousands of lights strung throughout downtown will be sure to get you in the holiday mood too, don’t forget just because you’re spending Christmas in the big city doesn’t mean you can’t pick out and cut down your own tree, what a memory!

Christmas-in-Aspen-Colorado 7. Aspen, USA

Christmas in Aspen is this winter wonderland brought to life; a time of year when the town shines brightest, but it’s also at it’s busiest so make sure you plan ahead if you go here! There are plenty of restaurants to venture into as well as small Christmas markets so if you’re looking for a holiday that’s quaint but full of life then Aspen is your dream.


8. Rome, Italy coliseum-christmas-tree

The Nativity Scene in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican in Rome is the most popular Nativity Scene in Rome at Christmas but don’t worry there are plenty more, how about in the centre of Piazza Navona, the one in Piazza Del Popolo and the one in the church of Santa Maria D’Aracoeli too! A truly ancient Christmas.


usa-at-christmas 9. New York, USA

If you’re looking for a magical Christmas holiday with twinkling lights and bulging shopping bags galore, then New York is perfect for you. Take to the streets of the big apple and see for yourself, if you come from a little town then the big city lights might surprise you but you will definitely never forget them! 


10. Alnwick, UK lantern-parade-alnwick

We couldn’t leave out Alnwick from the top 10 places you should see this Christmas! From our quirky Christmas lights to our homely community, you need to visit Northumberland this Christmas and get a feel for what Christmas spirit is truly like! Don’t forget to pop into all of our local shops and have a browse too, Hotspur has some great gifts for under a gents Christmas tree!

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Who knew about shoes?!


I love shoes; I don’t discriminate either, I love all kinds of shoes from boots, sandals, trainers and everything else. Why limit yourself to like one style if you have enough space to love them all? As a tribute to everything footwear here are 7 interesting facts about shoes! 

Warning: You might be tempted to do a little shopping afterwards, and if you are check out our selection of shoes!

1.You might be surprised to find out that men were, in fact, the first to wear heels! In the 10th century, some men rode horses and they needed their boots to have heels so that they could fit in, and stay, in the stirrups! It was well known then that horses meant wealth and in turn heels meant high social status. So, get your heels out girls, the lads are coming for them!

2. Did you know that your favourite pair of sneaks (or trainers!) originally got their name in the late 1800’s because the rubber on the sole of them made no noise? Perfect for sneaking around! 

3. This is a one for the arts and crafts lovers out there! The red sole on the infamous Louboutins was originally inspired by a painting called ‘Flowers’ by Andy Warhol in 1993. As the prototype, a pink stacked heel with a cartoonish cloth blossom, had arrived from Italy they noticed it definitely wasn’t bold enough and the painting was still stronger in contract. 

As he looked around there was an assistant painting her nails in a bright red colour. Christian Louboutin took the nail polish off the girl and layered it all over the sole of the prototype! It’s funny how a business which is worth millions got its fame and fortune from something so small, but you have to admit those gorgeous red soles give you shoe envy!

4. As if this gorgeous movie star brought rise to the loafer, a classical, comfy summer shoe! She was in the 1957 film ‘Funny Face’ and posed as an ‘anti-fashion’ bookstore clerk, do you know who she is yet? I’ll help you out a bit, she went to ballet school in London and then went on to become a  famous model and actor. 

Of course you know now, it’s Audrey Hepburn! The mens black, leather, Ferragamo loafers she wore in ‘Funny Face’ were loved by thousands of people (although it was meant to be anti-fashion!) and quickly became a hit with all of the stylish ladies and gents of the 20th century!

5. Following on from Hepburns Ferragamo loafers, Salvatore Ferragamo invented the wedge shoe (as well as being credited for the stiletto heel but we’re not here to talk about that today!). 

All of you boys and girls rocking the cork wedges this summer need to thank Ferragamo for the style. He came up with the Sardinian cork wedge idea, in the late 1930’s, out of necessity as there was a great economic struggle and steel (his traditional choice of material) could no longer be purchased!

6. Havaianas! We’ve all heard of them! The stylish little beach number that most of us will be wearing this holiday season. Now, you probably won’t have noticed, but you’ll definitely go and check after reading this! 

The tops of the soles are protruding to look like rice, RICE! I know what you’re thinking ‘why on Earth would they look like rice, that’s stupid!’. Havaiana’s were actually inspired by the traditional Japanese ‘ZORI’ sandal which are made from fabric straps and rice straw soles! 

7. Lastly we have another high end shoe for you! When you think of high end shoes, strutting down the catwalk for vogue, who do you think of? I think of Jimmy Choo. Choo was the first designer of our day to have created a pair of shoes at the age of 11. Could you have made a pair of shoes at that age? It did help that he was the son of a cobbler… even though as a smaller child he was only allowed to watch! 

Choo opened his first shop in Hackney in 1986 and by 1988 he had already been featured in Vogue multiple times even though he was only putting out 20 pairs of shoes a week! Give credit to the lad though, they were hand made! 

So, there you have it folks. Our most interesting shoe facts this week! 

See you soon! 


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Uniqueness is beautiful!


We are very pleased and proud to say we are the preferred supplier for the beautifully unique Doxford Barns in Northumberland! 

At Hotspur 1364 we know we’re a bit different from the others but Doxford Barns eclectic fairytale like style is perfect  for those summer weddings and the gents wearing our suits there look like knights in shining armour! We love being able to work with businesses in Northumberland, especially when they are as gorgeous as this! 

Doxford Barns is set within a private 550-acre country estate, along the Northumberland coastline near Alnwick, so there is no worrying about not having enough privacy… you couldn’t get anymore!

The refurbishment from old farm buildings and cottages to the amazing structure it is today has allowed them to mix elements of their heritage with bespoke, rustic touches and this has resulted in show-stopping cottages (for 1 and 3 day weddings), amazing indoor and outdoor entertaining areas and dreamy views for your wedding pictures!

The luxurious barns are like a hidden retreat where you can relax and have the time of your life with your family and friends in the stylish designer menswear you’ve picked up for your groomsmen from Hotspur 1364!

Doxford Barns combines historical outbuildings, which have history dating back to the 18th century, with modern architecture. The way the Barns have been designed are too deliver a contemporary twist to the traditional barn weddings that people are used to seeing, they offer entertaining space for smaller and larger weddings so there is something for everyone!

If you’ve been inside Hotspur 1364 you’ll have noticed our specific niche styling of mismatching furnishings, captivating accessories and various antiques dotted around the shop – and much like Doxford Barns who also offer unique historical interiors with charming furniture and intriguing artefacts, most of which, have originated form the barns and cottages themselves!

Your day will be brightened by the gorgeous bride and grooms parties and lit up romantically at night with charming light installations which are featured at the Barns to highlight the fabulous 18th century features it has which give it a character that many places cannot have!

If you’re thinking about booking up (or you already have done, woo!) then why not have a look at their gorgeous cottages too, Doxford Barns can offer you and 41 of your friends and family the option to stay in their luxury rooms which are close to all of the celebrations throughout your time there. 

Any of our suits from the Marc Darcy range will fit in perfectly with the aesthetic at Doxford Barns, whether you’re looking for a sneaky bit of tweed, something a bit more refined and modern or something totally out there then we know you’ll love what you try on from us. From suits and ties to shoes and socks (even hair cuts for all of your stylish gents)  then look no further, we have it all.

We can’t thank everyone who continues to support us enough, whether you’re local or from further afield, we appreciate all of you! 

Onwards and upwards folks!


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Autumn Transitionals


If you’re really wanting to up your coat game then we have the perfect choice for you..

We have some of the best coats to really up your autumn/winter coat game!

I suppose there is 1 silver lining to having clouds in the sky and that is the promise of snuggling up in one of the season’s best autumn/winter coats.

We know that typical British weather will bring us rain and cloud from september until april 2019 but don’t worry because we’re ready for it and so should you be! After all your winter coat is probably the most worn item of clothing you own which is why getting a decent coat is a decision you dont want to make lightly!

So we’re here to tell you about our favourite winter coat this season. It’s the Gant Curlington beige/khaki jacket! A smart little number which will finish off any outfit perfectly… and practically!

Now, for the technical part! The Gant Curlington beige/khaki jacket has a cotton and polyamide shell and has a button fastening neck with a concealed hood (just whip it out if it starts to rain!), a full zip fastening and press stud fastening pockets at the front. The lining is a thin polyamide material and has two interior zip-fastened pockets and don’t forget that signature Gant branding embroidered on the chest too!

Fortunately for you gents, there’s something out there to suit everyone this season. From lightweight jackets, waterproofs, colourful numbers, right through to sharply tailored blazers (and we know all about those, check out our Marc Darcy range!), as well as no-fuss wool jumpers – all of which make the perfect partner to your jeans or chinos!

Whether you’re out walking the dog on a rainy day or running from the house to the car and don’t want to be chilly then you really need to give this jacket a try, something to grab and put on top of your designer tee’s and polos!

Right now (15th August 2018!) our Curlington jacket is on sale, for a very limited time only, from £175 down to an amazing £96.50 so make sure you grab yourself a bargain while you can, why not have a browse online at our website or head straight down to our Alnwick Boutique and have a try on!

Don’t worry if this jacket isn’t quite your style, we have a whole collection of jackets and coats (in all different colours!) in a variety of sizes at the ready for you, from some of the biggest designer names and your favourite brands like Pretty Green, Gant & Tommy Hilfiger!

We know the weekend is closing in and it looks like the weather isn’t going to get any better so why not treat yourself to something amazing!

That’s all folks!

Hotspur 1364

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Marc Darcy Paisley Ties

If you’re a gent who seems to struggle with what ties to wear and how to wear them then this blog is certainly for you!

If you’re wanting something to make your suit stand out from the crowd then one of our Marc Darcy paisley or tweed ties or bow ties would be the best option!

The colour of your tie or bow tie is very important, you don’t want something which won’t contrast with your suit or outfit! Your tie is your most important accessory when wearing a suit so it needs to be just right, after all you really want to show off your new style to everyone!

It’s important that you keep the colour consistent through your suit even if it’s little flairs here and there, your touch of colour either has to match your suit or contrast very well! Light tie with a dark suit and dark tie with a light suit, or really go all out with a burst of colour. Contrasting colours are always great and we have some gorgeous colours for you from our Marc Darcy range in gold and pink to navy and red.

The pattern of your tie is also important. Patterns can really finish your suit off, and it looks amazing when it’s done right! You need to have a matching pocket square and tie, not to mention cufflinks if you’re wearing that type of shirt! Again, they need to be done well for them to look classy! We have a whole selection of tweed patterned ties, tweed bow ties or paisley (brighter coloured) ties!

Bow ties are great, but they give a totally different look to a regular or tweed tie. Make sure your bow tie compliments your look, not too bold, not too plain! You also want to make sure that your shirt is quite plain if you’re going for a bold suit and tie combo!

Now, for the tricky part… Do you know how to tie a tie? Which knot do you use? Windsor? Eldridge? Oriental? Pratt? There are loads of different knots but luckily you just need to pick one! The main kinds are the Windsor knot and the Half-Windsor knot and these are the easiest too (so make sure you can definitely do one of these on the spot!). For collars with small to medium size collar gaps then you should consider a half Windsor know and when you have a large collar gap, the full Windsor knot is your best choice.

What are your top tips for getting a good tie knot? Ours is to just practice, practice, practice! Youtube is your best friend when it comes to learning how to do various different types of knots and it will really impress your friends and family if you have a stylish knot!

Now you know the ins and outs of ties, how to wear them, what colours are best and how to get a good knot, you’re free to go and browse, make a decision and just go for it!

That’s all for now guys,

Hotspur 1364.

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1 Million Ways To Wear A Suit


Buying a suit can be expensive, we know what you’re thinking ‘I never really wear it though..’, well here’s a million different ways to wear one!
We really are proud to have been chosen by so many of you gents to be the supplier of your Marc Darcy suits, shoes and accessories one the past few years and if you haven’t got yours yet then make sure to pop in and treat yourself!

The autumn/winter season is here lads! It’s time to get suited and booted and to always turn head with your outfits! If you want to go out with a bang this weekend then make sure you get one of our Marc Darcy suits and see where he weekend takes you! Check out some of our gorgeous Marc Darcy suits here.

I know, I know, you all want something someone else doesn’t have, we know you want to look a bit different which is why you can tailor one suit to have as many different looks as you like!

First of all, you can obviously just wear a full 3 piece suit, regular collared shirt, dress shoes and a standard tie which looks amazing on it’s own!

Your second look could be a little switch up, how about changing your standard tie for a bow tie? A little bit more quirky!

Your third look could be to take away the ties and change your normal shirt for a grandad style collar which would really add a touch of class! You could even roll up your trousers if you’re not interested in a classy look but want a more casual look!

Your fourth look could be to then pair your blazer from your 3 piece suit with a smart shirt and a pair of jeans and some dress shoes or boots! Something a little more casual for the weekend!

Your 5th look might include you looking dapper in just a waistcoat, shirt and chinos, pair with some loafers and you’re onto a winner lads! Or grab your favourite polo shirt and partner them with your suit trousers and loafers…

Well lads, the list really is endless! We hope we’ve helped you out to make your suit go as far as it possibly can! Remember whatever look you go for make it one that you love, nothing makes a suit look better than a beaming confident smile. Enjoy your weekend!

We are honoured to be able to work so closely with all of you, so thank you, we appreciate every single one of you! Drop us a message on our social medias if you want to find out more or pop in for a try on!


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Creamfields, Reading & Leeds take the lead


It’s all about Creamfields and Reading & Leeds fest this August so make sure you don’t miss out on this blog for all of our hints and tips!

With not only just Creamfields coming up, from 23rd August until the 26th August but Reading and Leeds too, then we know you must be preparing your festival clothes for a real good time, sun, drinks and really good live music, what more could you want!

You want to look stylish and effortlessly fashionable as well as practical and comfortable.. you’re going to be in a field for the whole weekend after all! Will this be your first festival? Or are you a regular to the outdoor party scene? Let us know and don’t forget to send your pictures to us of you in our gear while you’re there, we love to see them!

Well, here’s some background! Creamfields was the Winner of 2016’s well known Best Festival at the UK Festival Awards! The festival has a rich history and an amazing reputation for being one of the most organised, elaborate, large scale dance events in all of Europe! and as for Reading and Leeds fest, Reading Festival has been around since 1955 where it originated as a Jazz Festival! It is also claimed to be the biggest, longest running festival in the UK!

It can take some time, like any festival, to actually get in and get sorted so we would recommend leaving with plenty of time to spare and prepare for busy roads around where it’s based too – so while you’re sat in the car why not feast your eyes on our website here!
Don’t worry though, you can get your rain coats and jumpers right here from Hotspur 1364 just incase it gets a bit wet while you’re there (remember your shorts and tee’s too though!).

Security staff will do a thorough job of searching you all, so try not to look dodgy! Take it from us, if you look like a dodgy party-animal swinging your umbrellas around then your search might take longer than most.. I’m sure if you’ve got your shorts-tee combo from Hotspur 1364 though, then they would let you straight in!

Now, for the camping part! If you do plan on staying there over the weekend, then the next vital thing you need, other than your tent of course, is probably earplugs (I assume you know why… it’s loud!). Raincoats, jumpers, shorts, umbrellas and more underwear than you can shake a stick at! Luckily for you, we have it all and can get you away with not only all of your clothes but a backpack to put them all in too!

Why not pick yourself up something in our fabulous 50% OFF sale that we have on at the minute, we have something for everyone from footwear like Gant trainers, to t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and much more from loads of your favourite brands like Gant Menswear, Tommy Hilfiger, Pretty Green and more!

That’s all from us folks!
Hotspur 1364.

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Why you should wear jumpers in JULY!

If you’re going to have any jumper in your collection this year it has to be this one! A gorgeous little blue and white number from Tommy Hilfiger


There’s been a few colder nights recently and I’ve developed a bit of a thing for sweatshirts and jumpers. It’s always something we like to have in our wardrobes ready for winter but not something we expected to wear in July! 

Anyway, it was needed and I couldn’t find the exact jumper or cardigan I wanted, something warm but not overly wooly, stylish but yet practical and of course comfortable but smart – for those days when you want to stay in bed but know you have to get up and go places!

Since then, I’ve found myself wandering aimlessly into shops or looking online to look at their jumpers and I haven’t found the right one until today! I present to you, the Tommy Hilfiger – Blue & White Logo Jumper. You love it, don’t you? I knew you would!

My favourite way to wear a jumper (especially this one!) is with a good pair of chinos or skinny jeans and my new black leather trainers from Lacuzzo. When I get to work, I can swap my trainers for dress shoes and the look still works. It’s great! 

How do you wear your jumpers? With shorts? With jeans? (If you’re a girl… do you wear your partners jumpers? Don’t lie, we know you do!) Do you wear your jumpers to work or are they a treat for when you get back in! Let us know!

Check out some of the other jumpers and cardigans that Hotspur 1364 sell right here.  We also have jackets and hoodies incase you really feel that colder weather, now we know, we know, ‘Stop talking about winter in July!’ … If you’re from the North of England then you’ll know our winter starts in September! Brrr! Get stocked up folks!

That’s all, we’ll see you all soon!

Hotspur 1364.

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Top Tie Tips

Suit shopping always seems to get tedious when it comes to buying a tie. What colour? What pattern? How big? Well, there are easy answers to all of these, and that’s what we’re going to look at in today’s blog.

  1. Colouring your tie: Your tie is a less of an accessory to your suit and more of a support beam, behind every great man is a semi educated choice in which tie to wear. It’s important that you keep the colour correct and consistent when you’re out tie shopping, and here’s how. Keep the contrast on point; light tie with a dark suit and dark tie with a light suit. But we can go a little deeper, contrasting colours are great! Yellow ties on a blue suit are the most common but for a more royal look try a purple tie on a cream suit.
  1. Size is always important. Fitting matters more than all else, there’s no use in a nice suit that doesn’t fit. So when it comes to fitting a tie you need to make sure that you get the right size for your suit or body. A great tip is to pay in cash; this is because a for the average man, the width of a tie needs to only be a little below the short side of a £20 note. So kill two birds with one stone and keep your tie mesurer on hand to pay with! And in terms of length, try it on, if you can’t make it reach your belt, or you can’t keep it above you need another size.
  1. To pattern or not to pattern? Patterns can totally bring life to your suit, and it’s a great idea if done right. First off matching the tie to the pocket square is key, it often looks out of place when a tie is overly bright and patterned with no other related pieces on the suit. The second tip is picking a pattern that goes with the colour. Without going into too much detail about the science of colour; soft colours like pinks and blues look best with flowing shapely patterns like paisley, and brighter bolder colours like reds, yellows, and greens look better with more detailed geometric patterns.

  1. Bow ties are great, but they work entirely different to ties. Make sure your bow tie fits your tie. Like I said, entirely different to ties. You want to make sure your suit and bow tie are the same, this means your shirt is the main form of contrast on the suit. A shirt with a pattern or design is usually a good choice.
  1. Fifth and finally, which knot do you use? Windsor? Umm… the other kind? There are different knots for different needs. The main kinds are the windsor knot, the half windsor, and the four-in-hand. For small tight collars use the four-in-hand knot. For collars with slightly bigger gaps consider a half windsor. And when you have and even bigger collar gap, the full windsor knot comes into play. (For a range of shirt sizes click here)

Did you learn anything new? Hopefully! Let us know on our facebook what you thought, and if you have any top tie tips you can add. Also be sure to head over to our website and follow us on instagram for the best updates and deals.

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Utter Madness At The Pastures In Alnwick!

Now we know most of you will have definitely heard of and be going to the week long concert special happening in the pastures in Alnwick but if not then you don’t know what you’re missing!

Whether you’re traveling from near or far, Hotspur 1364 is right around the corner from Alnwick Castle and has everything you need from tees and shorts (incase it’s scorching!) or rain coatsand jumpers (incase it’s raining… It is England after all!).

There is a whole range of music artists from all genres hitting The Pastures in Alnwick this week from the fabulous Nile Rodgers and CHIC on July 11th, the world renowned Tom Jones on July 13th, the amazing Madness on July 14th and, of course, IL DIVO on July 15th, so make sure you’ve got your tickets booked!

You’re in for a night you won’t forget and we have some festival/concert looks which will be right up your street… or field, so make sure you check them out either in this blog, in-store or head over to our website at!

If the sun is shining and it’s going to be a warmer night then why not rock up to your favourite gig in a pair of our Pretty Green – Teal Shorts and a casual blue tee! After all you’ll need all of the room you can get for the amount of dancing you’ll be doing! And you won’t be wanting to be in clunky shoes either so grab yourself a pair of our Calvin Klein Sliders to match your stylish summer outfit that you’ve bought from us!

Now, if the sun isn’t quite out and you think you’re in for a cooler night (still with loads of awesome dancing though!) then opt for one of our Tommy Hilfiger Jumpers or Hoodys which will definitely keep you warm and is much less restricting than a jacket. Pair with some of our lovely MMX chinos or jeans and you’re in for a right stylish outfit! Looking dapper.

You don’t want to dance? You just sing? Don’t worry, that’s awesome too! But it might mean you feel the chill a bit quicker than someone who is pounding out those dance moves to the beats so make sure you take a waterproof jacket and comfortable shoes with you, just incase! We have a whole selection of jackets and coats from Gant to Pretty Green as well as practical shoes from Tommy Hilfiger too!

Grab your concert gear here at Hotspur 1364 and send us your pictures on facebook or instagram of you rocking it out with all of these fab artists, don’t forget to tell us who your favourite one was!

Cheers for all of your support guys!

Hotspur 1364.