10 Places a Hotspur Gent Must Visit This Christmas!


Take a look at our top 10 places that you just have to visit at Christmas time!

1. Denmark, Copenhagenchristmas-tivoli-gardens-copenhagen-22

Christmas in Copenhagen embodies the concept of fun where locals and visitors enjoy themselves and eat some delicious treats surrounded by loved ones in intimate, cozy settings. If you love Christmas markets and exploring then Tivoli Gardens, the Christmas markets, and the many quality restaurants serving up traditional, Danish Christmas delicacies are right here waiting for you!


0_LApland-22. Lapland, Finland

If you’ve never been to Lapland before then you need to get this one on your bucket list, whether you’re a family wanting to meet Santa for the very first time or a couple looking for something to make fairytale Christmas memories then the reindeer rides and metres of snow are definitely for you, it will give you magical Christmas memories to last a lifetime! 


dublin-at-Christmas 3. Dublin, Ireland

With its family-oriented culture and the legendary friendliness of its people, Ireland for the holidays is one of the most rewarding decisions you could ever make. The Irish love big and boisterous reunions and they love festivities on any scale, but they also love quiet evenings in with a few hand-picked friends in front of a crackling fire, so if this sounds like your cup of tea then we’d say go for it!


4. Nuremberg, German Nuremberg-Christmas-Market-Opening-8OF7YuP7_LKx

Experience Nuremberg with its world famous ‘Christkindlesmarkt’ and dive into the one of a kind atmosphere of the festively decorated Old Town in Germany. You’ll experience Nuremberg’s most traditional products and culinary delights as well as regional crafts and Franconian specialties. Why not indulge in another culture while celebrating Christmas, make your own traditions right here in Nuremberg!


drone_pic_450x2805. Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh’s Christmas is a spectacular, six-week season of festive entertainment in the heart of the city. The festival is a fantastic Christmas celebration, and great fun for the whole family! With more shops than you could imagine as well as a huge Christmas markets filled with food stalls and Christmas gifts! It’s also a short walk from the train station to don’t panic about getting there! It’s amazing!


6. Montreal, Canada montreal-at-christmas

When it comes to spending Christmas in one of Canada’s major cities, Montreal is about as close as you’ll get to guaranteeing yourself a white Christmas so if it’s snow you’re looking for then take a look at Montreal! The thousands of lights strung throughout downtown will be sure to get you in the holiday mood too, don’t forget just because you’re spending Christmas in the big city doesn’t mean you can’t pick out and cut down your own tree, what a memory!

Christmas-in-Aspen-Colorado 7. Aspen, USA

Christmas in Aspen is this winter wonderland brought to life; a time of year when the town shines brightest, but it’s also at it’s busiest so make sure you plan ahead if you go here! There are plenty of restaurants to venture into as well as small Christmas markets so if you’re looking for a holiday that’s quaint but full of life then Aspen is your dream.


8. Rome, Italy coliseum-christmas-tree

The Nativity Scene in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican in Rome is the most popular Nativity Scene in Rome at Christmas but don’t worry there are plenty more, how about in the centre of Piazza Navona, the one in Piazza Del Popolo and the one in the church of Santa Maria D’Aracoeli too! A truly ancient Christmas.


usa-at-christmas 9. New York, USA

If you’re looking for a magical Christmas holiday with twinkling lights and bulging shopping bags galore, then New York is perfect for you. Take to the streets of the big apple and see for yourself, if you come from a little town then the big city lights might surprise you but you will definitely never forget them! 


10. Alnwick, UK lantern-parade-alnwick

We couldn’t leave out Alnwick from the top 10 places you should see this Christmas! From our quirky Christmas lights to our homely community, you need to visit Northumberland this Christmas and get a feel for what Christmas spirit is truly like! Don’t forget to pop into all of our local shops and have a browse too, Hotspur has some great gifts for under a gents Christmas tree!